Hair Growth

The application of Growth Factors or rather of the Plasma rich in growth factors (PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma) is one more twist in the evolution of current hair treatments: it is a biological therapy that enhances the regenerative processes that all be Human has using each one’s own resources.

As it is AUTOLOGIST (obtained from each patient) there are NO possible ALLERGIES because the PRP comes from oneself. It is a NON-SURGICAL treatment, it is applied by microinjections in the scalp. The sessions last about 20 minutes and we value the protocol individually.

The result obtained is based on its effects on connective tissue:

  • helps to create and maintain in better conditions the intercellular microenvironment in which the follicles grow (extracellular matrix)
  • Improves microcirculation, increases blood flow because new vessels are created (ANGIOGENESIS) and not only by vasodilation as in classical treatments.

We have been applying PRP on the scalp for years with satisfactory results: hair grows faster, stronger and falls less. Any patient who meets the health criteria we require and who still has hair follicles can benefit from this treatment.

It is a good solution for those patients in whom the capillary density has decreased and / or the hair grows slow, fine and weak, for those who want to stop the fall, for those in whom capillary surgery is not indicated or they do not consider it and for those who cannot be treated with classic treatments.

But even those who decide for a surgical treatment can benefit from the application of Growth Factors:

  • PRP accelerates the healing of donor and recipient areas
  • decreases inflammation
  • increase graft survival
  • improves revascularization of the transplanted follicle That is: better and faster recovery, stronger hair.

Simple, safe, autologous and reproducible procedure. It can be carried out as the main treatment or in conjunction with the aforementioned classics.